Why choose our sportsbook software

As a budding entrepreneur, startup or established operator looking to migrate to a new platform, you may feel as though there are simply too many options available to you. Indeed, there are many ways you could go about getting your new site up and running.

You might have considered starting from scratch. Be advised that this is a lengthy and expensive process. You’ll need to hire developers and designers initially, just to get the platform going. Typically, after two or three years it’ll then be ready to test – you’ll want to make sure you’ve invested thousands of hours of testing to ensure every nook and cranny is covered. After that, you’ll need customer support staff, plus hosting services, security solutions – and the list goes on.

Another alternative is a pay-per-head platform (PPH), though this is not a particularly modern solution and is extremely limited as to where you can take your business. Customers these days demand more than the archaic PPH platforms offer, most of which haven’t seen an update for the past fifteen years. They’re incapable of handling the sheer volume of data that more modern solutions can, struggle to cope with any market outside of the US and are inconvenient for your customers to use in comparison to modern sportsbook software. For example, while the best sportsbook software will incorporate one single wallet across all of its products, a PPH user would need a separate wallet for each product on offer, resulting in time consuming transfers. Put simply, in this day and age PPH platforms are redundant, with users demanding far more from their online sportsbooks.

The third solution, and the reason you’re here now, is to use flexible, modern sportsbook software. For a potential operator this is by far the most convenient option available to you, since the software is already built, tested and supported. The only issue is that many providers of this powerful software are exceedingly expensive.

This is where we step in. We offer a fully supported, fully integrated solution at a fraction of the cost that most providers charge. Our modern software has been designed over the past fifteen years to meet everything your customers could possibly demand from a modern betting site. For you, the operator, we can also meet your various demands.

  • We offer simple, affordable pricing, and with three price plans, you can be sure we’ve got you covered. We charge just one annual fee and guarantee you will not be hit with any hidden charges further down the line.
  • When we say one yearly payment, we mean it. There are no revenue shares to chip away at your profits each month. Indeed, most of our customers report making back their initial payment within three months, allowing them to sit back and watch the profits grow for the rest of the year.
  • With us, you’re not tied by mandatory licensing. Whereas other providers will allow you to do business in their name, via their license, they will generally take a big chunk of your profits in exchange. We on the other hand offer guidance and compliance support for when you apply for your own license – free of charge of course.
  • Getting started is easy and hassle free. Feel the stress slip away as we take care of everything from design and hosting, to customer support and security. All you need to focus on is populating your site, and we’ll help you with that as well.