Sportsbook agent and affiliate software

Our sportsbook software comes fully equipped with everything you need to start growing your business. Two of our most popular features are our renowned multi-tiered affiliate program and our agent program.

Affiliate software

You can start populating your new sportsbook or casino site from the moment it’s up and running with our fully integrated affiliate program. This powerful marketing tool allows you to create a stunning digital media library, featuring fully branded banners, email templates, flash ads, press releases, widgets and links, for your affiliates to use to promote your brand around the world. Initially you will gain access to over a thousand of our affiliate user accounts, though any of your end users can quickly become money making affiliates.

With the initial setup complete – and we’re happy to help with this – you can breathe easy, safe in the knowledge that the entire process is now fully automated. Affiliates are paid monthly on a pay per sale basis, with all transactions fully tracked and logged. You’re free to adjust the commission rates to suit your needs from your admin control panel. With a wide range of payment options available, everyone is happy. Our software provides regular reports allowing you to track which affiliates and media are generating the most sales, allowing you to adjust your marketing campaign accordingly.

Our affiliate program is available to all of our Professional and Enterprise customers, and our friendly affiliate managers are on hand to help with any advice or queries you may have while working with the program.

Agent program

We are keen to see you succeed and grow your business and are happy to help wherever we can. We created the agent program to allow Enterprise operators looking to expand to do so as easily as possible. Operators can hire a local agent, anywhere in the world, to effectively run a part of their business for them. Agents will have their own user base, which they can manage themselves, from account creation to bonuses and promotions.

This allows operators to cover a wider variety of markets, where language difficulties may have gotten in the way previously. With a local agent to take care of things, you can sit back and let that side of your business roll along without you – while enjoying the profits of course.