Sportsbook hosting

All the best sportsbook software solutions demand powerful, reliable hosting services in order to run at their best. No matter how fantastic your site is, if the server it is hosted on cannot cope with the demand that popular events bring, your users will soon look elsewhere. Traditional hosting solutions, relying on just one server, are prone to disruption from hardware issues. This could be disastrous for your brand – imagine you have thousands of customers online during a live event, all hoping to place bets, but your site goes offline due to a server issue.

Fortunately we offer a secure, stable and powerful hosting solution for all of our sportsbook software – included within your annual fee, with no additional costs or bandwidth limits.

We use powerful, modern cloud based technology – working in partnership with Amazon Web Services. With four military grade data centers located on four different continents, there is always a back-up. Your users are offered the fastest connection possible, as they will automatically connect to the data center closest to them.

The best thing about our hosting service is that it is fully scaleable. During slow, or quiet periods, the hosting service will scale down. When your site sees high volumes of traffic, it will scale up to meet demand. Not only does this give your users a fast and fluid experience every time they visit your site, but it allows us to keep our costs down and offer you the best prices in the industry. With unlimited bandwidth, you don’t need to fear higher costs during busier periods.

Secure hosting

We take safety and security very seriously and our hosting service is fully equipped to deal with a range range of cyber attacks and fraud attempts. Our security software has been tested against some of the riskiest traffic in the world and has never let us down. We offer advanced DoS protection as well as automatic defences against a wide range of viruses and malware. With real time reports, as soon as any suspicious activity is detected on your site, you will be notified, allowing you to determine the severity of the threat and action it accordingly. All of our sites are protected by advanced content filters and firewalls, stopping any potential threat firmly in its tracks.