Live casino software

There are many reasons why ours is regarded as the best sportsbook software in the world, but many of our customers agree that it is the flexibility of our platform and the ease of implementation of a huge variety of third person apps.

Relatively new to the world of online betting sites is the Live Casino. Our Enterprise users have access to this stunning new feature from day one, and are able to offer their customers a fantastically, lifelike casino experience, no matter where they are. We have partnered with two of leading providers of live dealer games, and Ezugi, and offer a superb selection of games, including;

  • Live Baccarat – This game of chance is becoming increasingly popular. The three variations we offer are Punto Blanco, Chemin de fer and Baccarat en banque.
  • Live Poker – America’s favourite card game and popular around the world, this is a game of skill, bluff and some small amount of luck. There are more variations than cards in a deck, but the most popular is Texas hold em.
  • Live Dice – An ancient game that is fast becoming one of our most popular, made modern with roll history logs and a huge range of bets.
  • Live Lottery – Similar to national lotteries, but far more frequent and with a much richer selection of bets for your customers. Our big three are Lucky 5, Pick 6 and Lucky 7, each broadcast live in stunning HD every four to six minutes.
  • Live Blackjack – The classic casino card game, pitting player against the dealer in an effort to get as close to the magic 21 as possible without busting.
  • Live Roulette – One of the most popular casino games in the world migrates perfectly to our Live Casino. We offer both European Roulette (37 numbers) and American Roulette (38 numbers).

The games are filmed using the best, professional HD cameras available, and broadcast to your customers in real time. The realistic Casino studios make you feel as if you’re sat right there at the table, with each move made by the dealer digitally recorded and transferred into data, so you never miss a trick.

Aside from the gaming side of the live casino software, the social aspect offers many benefits. The dealer girls – all of whom are stunningly attractive, friendly, welcoming and fluent in English – surely contribute to the success Live Casinos have enjoyed recently, and are guaranteed to keep customers coming back time and again. Players are able to interact with one another, as well as the dealers via live chat, for a thoroughly realistic and socially engaging experience.

Our live casino is fully functional across a range of mobile devices, as well as laptops and desktop computers, ensuring your customers can enjoy this great feature no matter where they are.