Sportsbook software control panel

We’re well aware that the majority of sportsbook operators aren’t particularly well versed in computer programming, and we also believe that they don’t need to be. We have created an admin control panel that is easy to use and logical, giving you full control over your site no matter how experienced you are with sportsbook software.

The control panel is a powerful tool that allows you to manage every aspect of your site yourself – just the way it should be. Here you can monitor everything that is going on across your site, implement changes, and manage your user base.

The control panel has been designed with minimal graphics and an interface that looks great, while loading up quickly and smoothly. The most common features are always close at hand and easy to find, with the next logical step just a click away. For improved ease of use, the panel is split into six main categories, each further divided into numerous sub categories. In this way you can quickly navigate the control panel and find exactly what you’re looking for whenever you need it.

  • Users – view user activity, add or withdraw funds or bonuses, freeze, block or delete accounts and alter user information.
  • Transactions – see the latest transactions and check for errors or suspicious patterns.
  • Market data – we provide up to date information for every market, highlighting any that are flagged as high risk.
  • Localization – change the language, currency and layout of your site to suit your target market.
  • Static content – adjust the content of your site, add new buttons or menus or change your color scheme.
  • Marketing – manage your marketing campaigns and promotions/bonuses.

The control panel can be used by employees of your business, with a number of different roles gaining access only to the sections relevant to them. All control panel actions are tracked in real time, making problem solving and staff monitoring a breeze.