Sportsbook software data feeds

Ensuring your site has access to the latest data feeds and markets can be a real headache. With our sportsbook software however, we take care of all of this for you. From day one you will have access to a huge range of data feeds and the latest markets, with monthly updates.

Data feeds

No matter what sports, events or leagues your end users demand, you can be sure that we have them covered. Our sportsbooks come complete with the richest selection of data feeds from around the world, regularly updated to ensure you never miss a trick.

With fantastic coverage of all major sports leagues, such as soccer, NBA, NCAA and horse/dog racing, your customers are sure to find exactly what they’re looking for. But there’s far more on offer. We typically cover in excess of forty different sports, plus TV and Royal specials and more depending on the time of year and what’s going on in the world. Please get in touch for a full list of the markets we’re currently covering.

Our powerful software is capable of processing huge amounts of data per second, ensuring your customers are offered the very latest updates within milliseconds of receiving them in our internal database. Naturally, you have full control over all of the data received and are able to optimize our market odds up or down to suit current trends.

Thousands of bets supported

What’s better than a huge range of markets to bet on? As far as your end users are concerned, an even wider range of supported bet types ranks pretty high up on the list. You’re guaranteed to keep them happy with over 40,000 different types of bets, all of which can be placed pre-game, during play or throughout commercial breaks. With live-betting also on offer, they will never want to leave your site!

Our wide range of bet types include single straight bets, teasers and up to fifteen fold, advanced bets. There are many more of course, as well as point purchase options. Your customers will love the freedom and flexibility you offer and will be back again and again.

Live betting

Professional and Enterprise customers can offer their end users live betting as well. We currently cover over 30,000 different live events each month, a number that is constantly rising. Soccer leagues, American football, basketball and baseball events are just some of the live options on offer, as well as horse and dog races.

Keep your customers up to date with real time updates and allow them to make the most informed bets possible. Features such as live scores, play-by-play updates and live text commentary guarantee your customers the best betting experience available.