Casino software and games

Your online gaming website will thrive when you use our fantastic Casino software. Solid and reliable, it’s the best choice on offer. We provide a rich selection of 150 different games and slot machines, each beautifully crafted to provide a spectacular gaming experience for your users, guaranteed to bring them back time after time.

We offer all the classic table games found in brick and mortar casinos, such as Blackjack and Roulette, as well as some more modern games and slots. Your users can enjoy each game instantly from your site, without having to mess around with downloading additional software. All games are available in two graphics options to cater to the needs of all of your customers, regardless of the device they’re using to enjoy your site.

We believe in offering your customers a fantastic experience, and strongly believe in fair play. An advanced random number generator (RNG) operates throughout our casino software and across each and every game, offering your users a high degree of quantum randomness. Our RNG is supplied by Quantique, a Swiss company with years of experience in the industry.

All of our games can be enjoyed using real money or virtual money. The ability to play games for free is a real draw for potential customers and will be a great aid in building up your user base. You can also monitor user actions with virtual money and create effective marketing strategies based on your observations.

We are able to customize each and every game to incorporate your logo and brand on table tops, card backs, lobbies and chips, ensuring your brand shines out. In addition to this, all operators have access to updates and new content as and when it becomes available, at no additional cost.

We hand full control over bonuses and promotions to you via our integrated bonus module, allowing you to set the parameters and requirements you desire. You are also able to configure payout options, setting limits on certain events as you see fit.

Of course, our casino software is ready to use across all mobile devices with no need to download additional apps.