Sportsbook risk management software

We believe that a problem prevented is the only acceptable problem on our sportsbook software. As such, our software incorporates excellent risk management software, such as real time reports. These monitor each and every user and admin action taken on your website, flagging up any suspicious behaviour or patterns.

Our powerful software is capable of analyzing thousands of actions every second, and recognizes any behaviour that don’t seem human in nature or patterns that are working against the house.

Our admin panel incorporates a user management module, allowing operators to freeze, block or delete accounts that have been flagged up by our software. There are many other functions that can be accessed through this module, such as writing notes and withdrawing or adding bonuses or funds, ensuring you as the operator have full control over each user account on your site. As such, you can remove problem visitors as and when you see fit.

You will also have full control over liability management at all times, and can set maximum and minimum bet amounts for a particular sport or event based on the latest market data. Up to date market feedback is provided on a regular basis, highlighting high risk markets, allowing you to act in a timely manner.